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Who to Ask for Letters of Recommendation


Who to Ask for Letters of Recommendation

Admission evaluators are not only interested in knowing how satisfactory your grades. Some of them are would rather learn what kind of person you are. You may have straight As in your school subjects, but may also have straight Fs in your social life. Interpersonal skills, aside from academic aptitude, is very important. Good letters of recommendation will show that you are a good student, but great letters of recommendation will also show that you are a good team member or colleague. Letters of recommendation, in their own way, support and validate whatever information you mentioned in your admission essay.

How to choose your references

The selection of references for letters of recommendation should not only be based on the professor’s teaching reputation. You also have to choose references based on familiarity. Which of your professors know you well? Who noticed your potential? Another tip in choosing references? Choose a professor or instructor who actually gave you a good grade.

How to narrow your selection

Choose a reference who has seen you at your best. Your reference can the professor who noticed your determination or a colleague who experienced your reliability first-hand. You have to make sure that your reference knows you well enough to adequately answer whatever questions admissions evaluators may pose to them. It is also wise to choose an articulate reference to avoid any confusion on the message of the letter.

How to finalize your list

It is important to choose a reference who really knows you well. Your reference must know you well enough to write a positive yet honest recommendation letter for you. It is also important that you actually have a good professional relationship with your reference so you can anticipate what your reference will write in the recommendation letter. Trust plays a big role in recommendation letters. You have to remember that by asking people to write letters of recommendation for you, you are also entrusting your chance of getting admitted to them.

Letters of recommendation are only one element of the application process. You still have to do good on your admission. For an well-crafted personal statement, use sample graduate school essay as a guide. Learn how the dos and donts when reading a sample graduate school essay. Get tips from a sample graduate school essay. Instead of writing a mere summary of your resume, include personal traits and experiences that make you a good candidate for grad school.