What to Focus on in Your Med School Personal Statement


What to Focus on in Your Med School Personal Statement

You need to have a strong focus before you can write an effective personal statement for medical school. CMU talks about some tips in choosing a focus for your personal statement.

Understanding the focus of your med school personal statement

Focus refers to the main point of your statement. Sometimes it is called a theme. Most of what you say in your statement will contribute to supporting your focus. In the very broadest sense, the focus of all medical school personal statements is Why I Should Be Accepted to Medical School.

Of course, you have to do better than the example given above. You have to present your focus in a finer and more subtle way.

The blog adds that:

Most of the time a focus is an abstract quality: the desire to help others, the importance of individual contribution, the drive to unite science and compassion.

Selecting a focus

When choosing your focus, you have to take into account the tips from the blog.

It should be unique. It does not have to be life shattering, but you should be able to write about it with conviction, enthusiasm and authority.
It should be an experience you feel some passion for. You must be able to support it as a turning point in your life. Ask yourself, How did I change as a result of this experience? For example, did it give you a new perspective or understanding, did it give you a new direction in life, or help you come to an important realization?
Don’t limit yourself to thinking of experiences that can translate well into the moral of… and that’s why I want to be a doctor. Choose something that you feel is truly representative of you, and something that you feel you can use to transition to other relevant aspects of your life.

Make sure that you choose a focus that you are really interested to write about. A personal statement can be a bit daunting to write, this is why you need to have enough motivation.

When you write your med school personal statement, you have to make sure that you are clear with your focus. This site gives tips on how to make your easy clear and easy to read.

Think about the program director. Consider the hundreds of files each program director reviews. Making your statement easy to read is both a courtesy and an illustration of your ability to communicate effectively.

Be sure it grammatically correct and flawlessly printed. Get feedback on your statement from several trusted advisors.

Your med school personal statement focus is crucial for your whole essay. You have to use a strong focus and you need to present it in a clear manner to impress the admissions panel.