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Top 5 Social Sciences Graduate Programs in the US


Top 5 Social Sciences Graduate Programs in the US

Universities are not famous for nothing. These academic institutions are internationally recognized not only because they have impressive alumni rosters, but also because they offer first-class education. Here are the top five universities offering the best social sciences graduate programs in the US:

University of California – Berkeley

The university that offers the best social sciences degree programs in the US is University of California – Berkeley. UC-Berkeley, one of the two non-Ivy League schools in the list, offers world-class education to its culturally diverse students. Each of the university’s social sciences degree programs managed to enter the top five in each degree program ranking. In addition to this, the university’s non-social science degree programs all managed to make it to the top ten.

Yale University

Number two on the list is Yale University’s social sciences degree programs. This Ivy League university is not only known for its outstanding social sciences degree programs, but also for its brilliant faculty and excellent academic programs. Students who are genuinely interested in pursuing higher education will be more than happy with Yale’s educational system.

Stanford University

The six social sciences departments in Stanford University are sociology, psychology, political science, economics, communication, and anthropology. These departments, which are under the School of Humanities and Sciences, offer some of the best graduate studies in the US. The brilliant faculty members of Stanford’s School of Humanities and Sciences are not only good at providing education but also at conducting research.

Harvard University

Also included in the top 5 is Harvard University’s very own social sciences department from the School of Arts and Sciences. Harvard’s School of Arts and Sciences offer natural science, humanities, and social science degree programs. Graduate students who have already finished their course work in other universities are still welcome to study in Harvard as Visiting Fellows.

Princeton University

The secret to the success of Princeton University’s social sciences graduate studies is the school’s promotion of a healthy professor-student relationship for learning. Because of the university’s interdepartmental and joint degree offerings, the students are given more opportunities to pursue all their academic interests. Another great thing about Princeton is that it offers financial support for financially challenged students who can’t afford the tuition.