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Top 5 Schools with the Best Engineering and Sciences Graduate Programs


Top 5 Schools with the Best Engineering and Sciences Graduate Programs

In 2008, five universities once again proved their worth in the academic world by offering some the best engineering graduate programs in the US. The course offering of these universities, aside from being acclaimed in the US, are also recognized as some of the best in the world. Here are the universities that offer the best engineering graduate programs in the US:

Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT)

MIT, the university that has become almost synonymous to engineering, unsurprisingly holds the top spot in the list. Once again, Massachusetts’s very own institute of technology is recognized as having the best specialized engineering graduate programs in the entire country. Because MIT’s impressive faculty is composed of some of the best scientists and engineers in the world today, it comes as no surprise that its students receive world-class education and training.

Stanford University

The best Electrical Engineering, Computer Science, and Mechanical Engineering graduate programs in the country are offered in Stanford University. An evidence of the popularity Stanford’s engineering graduate programs? Its 2006-2007 graduate school enrollees exceeded that of undergraduate enrollees! The impressive academic reputation of Stanford University is not only recognized in the US, but also in the rest of the world.

University of California – Berkeley

The key to UC Berkeley’s success is its internationally renowned faculty. Besides, how can you have great students if you don’t have excellent teachers? Thanks to the university’s brilliant faculty, seven of its engineering graduate programs ranked number one on the list. UC Berkeley is also dedicated to innovation in the engineering field, as evidenced by the microelectronics contribution of its early alumni to Silicon Valley. Its early alumni also played vital roles in the structuring and development of the Golden Gate Bridge and Hoover Dam.

Georgia Institute of Technology

Coming in at number four is Georgia Institute of Technology. With an impressive 3,559 enrollees to its engineering gradate school in 2007, Georgia Tech is undoubtedly popular among aspiring engineering experts. What Georgia Institute of Technology offers to its graduate students goes beyond academic learning. Its graduate students, aside from being highly competent in their field, are also active in sports conferences and Greek organizations.

University of Illinois (Urbana – Champaign)

The engineering graduate program of University of Illinois ranked fifth overall in 2007. Aside from its overall distinction as a reputable engineering graduate school, University of Illinois also enjoyed the recognition of offering the best Physics with a focus on Condensed Matter engineering graduate program in the country. The university’s Industrial/Manufacturing degree program ranked lowest at number 16.