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Top 5 Humanities and Literature Graduate Programs in the US


Top 5 Humanities and Literature Graduate Programs in the US

It is not surprising that the universities who made the top five in the list of universities offering the best humanities and literature are the popular ones. Popularity, after all, is almost always coupled with greatness. Here are the top five US-based universities (in no particular order) that offer the best humanities and literature graduate programs to their students:

Harvard University

Harvard University has once again proven that uniqueness is the key to greatness. This Ivy Leaguer manages to take a spot in this list by offering unique and culturally diverse humanities programs to its students. The humanities sector of Harvard offers degree programs that focus on European, Himalayan, Near Eastern, Tibetan, and East Asian cultures. The humanities curriculum of Harvard, however, is not limited to the classics. It also offers modern degrees like film studies and comparative literature.

Yale University

The graduate students of Yale are in luck: not only are they given an opportunity to learn from brilliant professors, but they are also given an opportunity to participate in non-degree programs. The humanities and literature degrees offered by Yale include in-depth studies of different cultures like East Asian studies and African studies. Yale also offers first-class language degree programs in Slavic and Italian.

University of California – Berkeley

While Harvard focuses on specifics, University of California – Berkeley sticks to the basics. UC Berkeley offers degree programs in art, literature, and humanities. This university, like Harvard, offers degree programs that encompass both classic programs like History of Art and modern studies like Urban Design. UC Berkeley is also renowned for its outstanding languages department that offers courses in Spanish, Japanese, Slavic, and Italian.

Stanford University

To maintain its international recognition as one of the best universities in the world, Stanford continues to offer first-class degree programs to its students. The outstanding humanities departments of Stanford’s School of Humanities and Sciences are Divisions of Literatures, Cultures and Languages, History, English, and Drama.

Princeton University

Wrapping up the top five is the third Ivy Leaguer in the list: Princeton University. This university ensures the proper delivery of education by offering their outstanding degree programs only to a limited number of students. This way, the conveyance of knowledge from professors to students is more effective.

Photo Credit : Sandip Bhattacharya