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Time Management in Graduate School


Time Management in Graduate School

Surviving college is not an easy task so if you are planning to farther your studies in graduate school, you have to be prepared for everything. The challenges in graduate school are several notches more difficult than college – tougher professors and harder subjects. The key to surviving graduate school, like in college, is excellent time management skills. Here are some tips on how to properly manage your time in graduate school:

Learn how to stay organized

Your schedule in graduate school gives you all the free time that you only dream about in college. Having a loose schedule, however, is not enough reason to make up for the time you could have partied instead. In graduate school, you have to stay organized at all times. Organize your stuff and your schedule. Make sure all your textbooks are placed properly and that all your lessons are studied well. Before rewarding yourself with a grand vacation, make sure that all necessary school work is finished.

Learn how to set priorities

Remember how your parents asked you to “set your priorities straight?” Well, you can use that advice in graduate school. Setting your priorities is very important in graduate school, especially if you have a part-time job to worry about. One way of getting all your work done is to come up with a to-do list. Make sure that each item included in the list is arranged in decreasing priority. When setting your priorities, you have to remember two things: your GPA and your job. Make sure to spend enough time on things that really matter, so, cut down on partying.

Learn how to find balance

Finding the balance between mediocrity and perfection is important in graduate school. Being meticulous may be an advantage, but it can also be disadvantageous if it is too idealistic. You have to remember that you just don’t need to get things done right, you need to get them done now. Allowing yourself to be overpowered by perfectionism is bad for your schedule. Because you want to get every detail right, you have a tendency to spend too much time on one task. If you think this particular tasks requires a lot of planning and attention, then you better start doing it now. Perfectionism, after all, is never achieved when you cram.

Learn how to remain flexible

Your schedule in graduate school, regardless of your field of specialization, is loose and open. One disadvantage to this is the frequent last minute squeezing of activities into your schedule. You need to be flexible enough to adapt to such changes. To lessen the hassle of surprise meetings and activities, do your school work as soon as it is assigned by your professors.