Faulty motives for desiring a graduate degree


Faulty motives for desiring a graduate degree

While there may be valid reasons for pursuing graduate school, the fact that there are wrong ones still remains. Some of these reasons may sound noble and genuine but no one’s to say which is which exactly. The bottom line is that if the motives aren’t that of meeting career goals, the very reasons for entering graduate school may just as well be sham.

Over the years, people who graduate from graduate schools encountered common problems that have eventually become too chronic.

Job dissatisfaction

Graduates of MBAs, MAs, and other graduate programs are supposed to have better leverage when it comes to dealing with work. There are still people who failed to fully assess their circumstances or situation and suddenly just decided to pursue a graduate degree on a whim without reviewing their study options. These people ended up having jobs that they don’t exactly feel comfortable with.

Peer pressure

Committing to the idea of going to graduate school just because somebody else raised the thought could win you a ticket to wasting precious time as well as money. Your friends are there to share triumphs with, not as deciding elements on what you should take or do.

Being unemployed for a long period

In the long term, it may better for you to find employment that you are interested in rather than be accepted into graduate school. Success is not measured by the number of degrees that you earn but on other aspects – the people that you help, the happiness your job gives you, and the quality of your life in general.

Being forced by parents and other authorities

Yes, your parents have good intentions for you, but ultimately, it is you who will decide on what’s in store for your future – whether you to graduate school or not.

Financial rewards

It holds true that gaining an MA or an MBA would allow you to earn more digits as compared to having just a basic degree. A lot of people end up failing graduate school simply because greed is their drive. Live the moment, don’t count your blessings when they’re not yet there.

Entering graduate school is something that should be given great thought. Rushing would only merit a person failure beyond compare.