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The Graduate Thesis Writing Process


The Graduate Thesis Writing Process

The graduate thesis is probably the most important part prerequisite for getting that graduate diploma. That said, thesis preparation must be done with care and with proper application of gained knowledge either school taught or from research works. After all, writing a graduate thesis proves just the amount of learning a student had for the whole duration of his study. For the sake of coming up with a good graduate thesis, a general flow would be:

Get your thesis adviser to approve your topic

Upon brainstorming, one can list possible topics for the graduate thesis. These topics are then to be submitted to a thesis adviser for approval. The thesis adviser’s role is very important since it is he who does all the filtering of feasible and unfeasible topics.

Research on background information

Upon approval of the topic, research follows. Research may be done through extensive readings: through library visits, reading of scholarly journals, and browsing through reliable Internet information. Research data can either be quantitative or qualitative; Research for qualitative data may be done using surveys or interviews: testing presumptions through samples or respondents.

Come up with an outline

It is essential to create an outline so that you can create a map of ideas. A graduate thesis can be very lengthy so it is important to have a coherent guide to follow while going through the writing process.

Prepare a draft

Coming up with drafts of the graduate thesis is important in order to fully observe the effective combination and sense of the pooled information gathered. Beginning work early allows one to do several drafts before starting with the final version. This way, errors can be avoided upon coming up with each draft. Also, these drafts can be read for constructive criticism, all for the betterment of the graduate thesis.

Check for errors in language and presentation

Even when already dealing with the final draft, checking errors in the content of the thesis paper is still a must. Regardless of the extent of employing techniques in doing research, chaotic writing delivers the wrong image; sometimes a well-researched thesis can come out as something that was poorly done due to bad writing.

Bear in mind the specifications

Finally, the graduate thesis should be printed on clean sheets of paper. Following instructions given by the thesis adviser is something that should be given great attention to.