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The Best Approach and Style for Your Graduate School Personal Statement


The Best Approach and Style for Your Graduate School Personal Statement

Choosing the perfect approach and just the right style for your graduate school personal statement can have great impact on your application. That is why it is important to carefully plan your essay to achieve a clear, clean, concise, and precise style of writing. As they say, it is never sufficient to just write. You must know the techniques to make successful essays.

Impact of your writing style on your chances of getting admitted

If you write a coherent personal statement, one that is clean and clear from any grammatical or spelling error, then you have better chances of getting admitted. A well-written admission essay should highlight not only your skills and expertise, but also your personal attributes such as your determination, sense of motivation, persistence, and many others. You can also discuss personal experiences and points of view, so that your readers will get to know you better.

Choosing the best approach and style for your graduate school essay

To come up with a creative admission essay that will stand out, choosing the most appropriate writing style is a must. After this, you can tailor-fit your ideas and the essay theme to the requirements of a good writing style. Avoid lengthy sentences that will only leave readers confused with what you’re trying to say. Instead, focus on clarity, coherence, and unity of thought.

Tips in improving your essay’s style

There are helpful hints that you could use to remedy your writing problems and improve your writing style. A big no-no is imitating another writer’s style. The admissions committee can easily sense if applicants are pretending to be someone they’re not. This defeats the real purpose of writing a personal statement. The main objective of this requirement is for you to be able to represent the real you and not the ideal candidate you can think of. Create several drafts and never get tired of revising and proofreading your essays. Have someone read your essay for a more objective review.