The Benefits of Social Media for Grad School Applicants


The Benefits of Social Media for Grad School Applicants

A social media network is beneficial to graduate school applicants. Why? Here is a look at some of its benefits.

It offers a more truthful view of the college.

A social media network provides a more accessible view of the college. In a way, this view is more truthful because it is not encased in an organized promotion.

It establishes early connections.

Online networks also help you create connections with someone from within the graduate school even in the comfort of your own home. You are able to show your interest and the effort that you have given in the task. This interest could ultimately decide whether you get into the program or not. Imagine it like this: You and another graduate school applicant may have basically the same qualifications but you display more connections and will take the slot instead of that other person.

It provides you with other students’ feedback.

Direct feedback from students is often more helpful than a glossy brochure. You get to know what actual people – not involved in student recruitment –have to say about the school. It is refreshing to know both the good and bad sides of that particular graduate school program.

Use your social media network membership the right way and you may well have an advantage in your applications.