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Sample master’s degree in counseling application essay


Sample master’s degree in counseling application essay

One’s existence can be superficial if you are leading a life with no concrete goal for yourself or for others. Sadly, I meet individuals who say they don’t know the cause of their miseries despite having achieved so much material things but have neglected opportunities to enrich the other parts of themselves by helping others. I hardly have the right to boast, but I feel that I am on a different boat as I have beliefs that have helped me achieve my goals in enriching myself while helping out others. Looking back, I can say that I have weathered different situations in my life with the kind of resilience and patience that helped me make the most out of each.

My father taught me that a victory is not worth celebrating if you don’t have others to share it with you. A great man who instilled in me the value of compassion for others, my father was my greatest believer and my true champion. I grew up with this belief that eventually guided me along a path towards a career and vocation in psychology. Currently, I am assisting a child psychologist who counsels children who are distraught in different ways. Having spent my college internship counseling at a juvenile delinquents home, I was even more compelled to reach out to youths who are going through rough patches in their young lives. I believe that with my experience in both jobs along with my innate desire to help others will set me on the right path towards a career in child and family psychology. But I can not just rely on compassion as I believe I still have to gain more academic knowledge to be able to practice.

I can say that I am more than willing to maintain and even improve my scholastic performance from my undergraduate years when I embark on a master’s degree in counseling. Now that I have a more specific direction, I am more than ready to exhaust all of my efforts to become the best youth counselor. Though the field I have chosen can be taxing on the emotions and the body, I believe that I am up to the responsibility of listening to others after all the different cases I have handled in my previous jobs. With the proper knowledge, training, and my innate sense of compassion, I believe that I can help make a difference in the young lives of my prospective patients.

I plan to enhance what knowledge I have while in graduate school, so that I may be able to work as a true professional in the field of psychology. Learning more about the methods and skills as well as the technicalities in this profession will greatly help me improve my awareness and ability. Since I also plan to achieve a Doctorate in Psychology, ______Institute will be assured of my continued drive for academic excellence as that is the goal that I have in mind, not only for myself, but for others as well.