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Sample Essays about Relevant Interests


Sample Essays about Relevant Interests

Love Animals? Let A Sample Graduate School Essay Guide You in Coming Up with a Relevant Essay

If you are a person applying for graduate school admission and you have this innate love for animals, why not tranlsate that emotion into a beautiful piece of writing to show the admissions officers who you really are! Love of animals are emotions of fondness not everyone has. This love for animals is due to several reasons; one of which is caring for animals is a natural and valued process. People love animals out of a general respect for nature and the environment, or simply out of their natural compassion.

Put a personal touch on your essay

How can one write an essay about a simple idea of love for animals? Actually, essay writing encompasses all topics. It doesn’t matter how simple or intricate your topic is, just as long as it is effectively and creatively written. As a student vying for a slot in your dream graduate school, you can write about your inherent love for animals in your personal statement. With this, you are guaranteed to be extremely true and personal to what you’re going to write. When one talks about a particular passion, he or she gets so personal. This will be a good opportunity for the graduate school committee to know you not as a mere applicant, but as a real person.

Basics of writing an essay

After presenting the main topic, you gather relevant information that would support that main idea, making up your introductory paragraph. Make sure that you detail evidence or facts showing how much you love animals. Mention how did this attribute in you develop and what impact did it have on your life or your studies in the undergraduate level. However simple your topic of animals may be, for as long as it fulfills the function of an essay, which is to be a venue for helping the committee get a glimpse of you and understand who you really are, you’re doing fine. Elaborate further on what your unique qualities are, what struggles you have experienced, and how your love for animals had an impact on them. Then go back to relating everything to your main topic so as to strengthen your thesis statement.

Habitually edit and proofread

Also, habitually re-edit your drafts and proofread. The greatest blunder a writer can make is lose his credibility due to grammar and punctuation errors. Admissions officers may differ on what makes a good essay, but one thing doesn’t change and that their dislike for careless grammatical and typographical errors. The members of the admissions committee believe that applicants put their best foot forward in their essays, and when these essays have errors in them, it just means that the applicant’s best is in fact mediocre. In graduate schools, students are always required to do a considerable amount of writing especially for their research investigations. Prove that you are one person who writes well and, therefore, thinks well. Surely, that’s enough reason for you to get that graduate school slot!