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Sample essay: Pharmacy Doctoral program


Sample essay: Pharmacy Doctoral program

My earliest memory of healing is that of an old lady administering a poultice of leaves to a little boy’s forehead on a cold, stormy night. We were then still in the Philippines, and I was watching my grandmother soothe my younger brother as he tossed on our bamboo floor with a fever. I watched as he quieted down and fell asleep and come daybreak, the rooster’s crow awoke us to a new day in our old barrio. While our parents worked in the city, my brother and I spent our childhood in a provincial town with our grandmother. Ours was an idyllic childhood as the barrio where we lived in was nothing short of untouched by change. Our parents eventually fetched us and we moved to the city where life was suddenly ever changing, that it took us a while to get used to the bustling sounds that carried on even at night. Then we found ourselves on a plane bound for the US to join our father who had taken up a job abroad. Although it has been years since I last saw my grandmother, I can still remember how she would prepare herbs for healing, and this has perhaps what has made me follow a calling in the science of pharmacology.

I have been a diligent student in my undergraduate years and have earned the grades that I am conscientiously maintaining up to now in my last year at graduate school . Though I have been working for a pharmacy since my senior undergraduate year, I have found that I have an ability to interact with clients and patients with compassion. I have discovered that I have a natural trait of patiently and effectively explaining to each customer what they want to know about the medicines that they need to purchase. Recently, my efforts paid off as I have been awarded a position in a department that handles customer relations. Though I am quite satisfied with my professional life, I feel that I still have the need for advanced studies to be able to serve more.

I aim to undertake further learning in the field of pharmacology through a doctorate program so that I could be able to perform well as a pharmacist. Although I may have the demeanor fit for handling customers and patients effectively in a corporate or commercial setting, I see myself sharing what knowledge I have and will expand through research projects and a doctorate program in _________ University by teaching at the local city college for kids who have been accepted into a pharmaceutical training course for underprivileged youths. Though I may not be a healer in my grandmother’s tradition, I feel like I have lived a life that is geared towards the same purpose and that being accepted into __________ University can help me become more so that I may be able to do more.