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Sample Comparison Essay on Catholicism vs. Methodist


Sample Comparison Essay on Catholicism vs. Methodist

Catholicism and Methodist are two common theological systems, which have continued to exist in our society. These systems have a range of convergence and divergence points. In this essay, we shall discuss some of these elements, which make the two systems dissimilar.

Importantly, Catholics and Methodists believe in the Trinity existence of God, i.e. God the Father, Son and the Holy Spirit. Moreover, they believe that Jesus demonstrated the power of God through the miracles He performed on earth. These miracles included healing the sick and casting out demons from those possessed.

They also believe in the Bible as the word of God, through which He speaks to people. Concerning the suffering of Jesus and His subsequent death and resurrection was necessary for the forgiveness of sins. Through this, Catholics and Methodists are guarantee life in abundance.

According to these Christians, Jesus opened up the Heaven for believers through His resurrection after three days in the grave. It therefore follows that these denominations agree on various fundamental teachings and doctrines, which define the Christian faith. What are some of the different elements that distinguish these two systems of theology?

The first element is the sacrament. Methodist recognizes two sacraments, which are baptism and Communion. These sacraments are common among all Protestant churches. Here, the Communion is called the Lord’s Supper. According to the Methodist teachings, bread and wine represent the body and blood of Christ and it is a holy meal. Through this communion, Methodists remember the life, death, and resurrection of Jesus Christ.

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They also experience the love of God towards humankind and are renewed in spirit to serve others throughout their lives. Methodists further allow all believers to partake in the communion. Here, baptism symbolizes new life through Christ and becoming part of the body of believers. This is done through sprinkling of water or immersion of believers of different ages.

On the other hand, Catholics believe in the Holy Communion and refer to it as Eucharist. It signifies the presence of “real” Jesus who died and rose again. The ritual also unites believers with God and contributes to one’s spiritual nourishment. Catholicism restricts non-Christians and those who are not in good terms with God from partaking of the bread and wine. Followers of this church further believe in baptism by sprinkling water to recognize the concern of God in loving us.

Unlike Methodists, which have two sacraments, Catholics have seven of them. For example, confirmation allows young people, and new in the faith to make a commitment to the church. Another one is reconciliation, where receive salvation by confessing their sins to a priest or Pope. Others include Holy Matrimony or marriage, anointing of the sick and Holy Order through the bishop ordains priests.

Regarding the church structure, Methodists have a representative while that of Catholics is hierarchical. Importantly, the Methodist Church does not have a head. The General Conference sets out policies and represents the church.  Conversely, the Pope heads the Catholic Church and he represents Christ in taking care of the flock of Christ. The College of Bishops is second in authority. The Cardinals advise the Pope on various issues and elect a new Pope whenever the position falls vacant. Catholicism does not allow women to be bishops, Cardinals or Pope.

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