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Occupational Therapy Graduate Degree essay


Occupational Therapy Graduate Degree essay

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Children continue to fascinate me, as I believe that they are symbols of hope. Coupled with my interest to help out special children, my goal is to get a graduate degree in Occupational Therapy. I plan to achieve this by getting into a top school that would provide me with all the training and skills I would need to be a successful occupational therapist who specializes in kids with disabilities. My experiences as a peer tutor to kids with with disabilities and mental conditions such as ADHD have opened my eyes and have made me realize what my true passion is.

I. Introduction

A. Why children fascinate me — They are symbols of hope

B. My interest in helping out kids with disabilities and mental disorders

C. My interest in children and helping out special kids have made me realize that I want to become an occupational therapist.

II. Valuable experiences that made me realize my goals and career path

A. I was able to join peer-tutoring programs that exposed me to kids with ADHD and other learning disabilities

B. Training sessions as part of my school’s curriculum have equipped me with the skills and patience needed to deal with children who have learning disabilities and other similar conditions

C. Volunteer work at a local community center for kids have also made a great impact on my decision to pursue a graduate degree for Occupational Therapy

III. My family

A. Aside from my work and volunteer work experience, my family also made an impact on my decision

B. My father has a younger stepbrother who is currently battling ADHD

C. My family’s devotion, especially my dad’s, to help my young step uncle face daily obstacles have inspired me to pursue Occupational Therapy. This also made me realize that nothing is impossible, as long as you put your heart into it