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Masters in Criminology graduate school application essay


Masters in Criminology graduate school application essay

“All for one, one for all!” This is the famous battlecry of the legendary Three Musketeers, a movie I’ve seen as a kid. And when you’re in public service, especially in the defense of the people against crime, this should also be your life’s motto.

As you might have surmised, it was my being an avid fan of d’Artagnan that sparked my interest in the field of crime prevention. With the ingenuity of d’Artagnan and the musketeers Athos, Porthos, and Artemis in solving cases of misdeed, I took up a bachelor of science degree in criminology at Regis University and finished it in four years with flying colors. My research papers then were mostly phenomenologies on the lives of both defense agents and criminals, on which I have to do some risky undercover work especially on my studies involving criminals who are in hiding. The most exciting research work for me was the one about pirates, wherein I disguised as a fellow pirate who sells smuggled computers, goes to movie houses with a hidden camera, and connives with Customs officials to “hide” my “illegal” operation. For this endeavor, I had to consult and get proper clearances and help from the FBI and the Customs Bureau. My efforts ultimately led to the arrest of some ten people involved in big-time smuggling and piracy in Colorado.

After graduation, I got a job slot at the United States Bureau of Customs as an inspector. My job as a customs inspector taught me a lot of things. First and foremost is integrity. There are so many temptations to stray from your anti-graft and corruption vow when you are in Customs, so I have to constantly keep in mind that whatever I do, be it something that’s in line with the regulations or not, it will have an adverse effect not just to me or my reputation but to many people and the institution’s reputation as well. Another very important thing I’ve learned as a Customs inspector is, the welfare of the public, the citizens, always comes first. So, we have to follow government rules and laws, make sure that
culprits are clapped in jail, and that my fellow Americans also abide by the rules. In short, real public service.

Now, with the desire to serve my people better, I intend to take up a Master’s degree in criminology at the Florida State University. Taking up and finishing a Master’s degree alongside the bachelor’s degree in criminology that I already have will enable me to get to a higher position where I will be tasked to train inspectors and oversee operations. This will indeed help me fulfill my responsibilities better.