Benefiting from Graduate School Study Groups


Benefiting from Graduate School Study Groups

In graduate school, you need all the help you can get when it comes to furthering your education. You need your professors’ insights and your colleagues’ ideas to help improve your academic aptitude. One effective way to enrich your knowledge is to join a well-organized study group.

Limit active members

In a study group session, it is important that each member is given the chance to voice out his or her thoughts. The only way to do that is to limit your study group only to a few people. It is, after all, a study group and not a lecture class.
Avoid unproductive members

The main purpose of holding study group sessions is to learn together. It is about discussing points and sharing ideas, not tutoring other members. Having unproductive members in the study group not only slows the process of enriching academic knowledge, but it also beats the purpose of holding study group sessions.

Choose good leaders

To ensure organization in the study group, you must choose a good leader. A good leader is the one responsible for overseeing sessions, organizing meetings, and designating topics.

Schedule regular meetings

Every study group session must be scheduled accordingly. Make sure that your meetings are set on dates when everyone is free. To do this, you must coordinate schedules with the other members of the study group.

Organize regular agenda

Organization is very important in study group sessions. Time is of essence in graduate school and you have to take advantage of your free time. It is best to have a set agenda every session so everybody can anticipate the topics to be discussed.

Form study groups

If you haven’t received any invitations yet, then form your own study group. It is not that hard to form a study group – you just need to find other students who are still waiting for study group invites.