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Law School Personal Statement Writing Tips


Law School Personal Statement Writing Tips

It is not very easy to apply to law school. One of the daunting things about application to law school is writing a personal statement that could grab the attention of the admissions committee. University of Louisiana has some helpful tips on how to write a personal statement that could grab the admissions panel’s attention.

Be yourself

Basically, a personal statement is your chance to briefly tell the admissions committee things about you that do NOT otherwise appear in the rest of your application. Primarily, it is your chance to market yourself to them by explaining what makes you unique or different; in other words, what makes you you such that you want to go to law school and be a lawyer. Put simply, why would YOU be a particularly good lawyer, and better than everyone else, such that the admission committee should admit YOU rather than all the other applicants. You should NOT simply re-state facts about your education, employment history, etc. that are already available on the rest of your application material. Instead, you should describe your UNIQUE AND DIFFERENT background, interests, and qualities that made you want to be a lawyer, and which will make you an exceptionally good addition to the legal profession.

You have to present a four-dimensional image of yourself. Your personal statement is also your chance to tell the admissions committee why you deserve to be accepted to that specific school.

Keep your law school personal statement short

Your statement should ideally be BRIEF: one-page single-spaced or two pages double-spaced. Three pages double-spaced is the ABSOLUTE MAXIMUM and even this amount is generally discouraged because the admission committee members have thousands of applications to review and will look negatively on you making them take extra time to read and review a lengthy personal statement. This will also reflect poorly on your writing skills because it will appear as if you are unable to state things concisely, which is an essential attribute for a lawyer.

This is not a biography you are writing. This is why you have to keep it short. A brief essay will also keep the readers from getting bored.

Use a clear and simple language

Your essay should be well-organized and clearly focused, using clear, simple, and understandable language. Do NOT write using flowery language or fancy vocabulary as it makes it appear as if you are unable to express things in a simple manner (which is important for lawyers to be able to do). Using flowery or obscure vocabulary also makes it appear as if you are simply trying to impress the admissions committee. Write simply and stay on track with your story–for example, remain chronological for the most part–and stay focused on the specific message you hope to convey.

Your essay will reflect the way you think. This is why you have to keep it clear always. You can do this by using simple language. Avoid using cliches and ambiguous phrases. This site adds that you have to:

Use specific, concrete examples and language. Avoid generalities like being on the track team was fun and go right for the details. Make sure your response directly addresses the prompt, avoid a collection of facts or examples, and expand on– don’t simply repeat– information contained in your application.

Your personal statement should be well-polished in order for you to be noticed by the admissions committee. Remember, be yourself, keep your essay short, and use simple language.