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How to Survive a Graduate School Admission Interview


How to Survive a Graduate School Admission Interview

The graduate school admission interview, though it is not the sole basis of your graduate school application, is something you have to excel in. You have to present yourself properly and politely to give the interviewer an impression that you’re somebody who deserves to be a part of their academic institution. Here are some tips to help you survive a graduate school admission interview:

Tips before the interview

* Do an online research.
Browse through the school’s website and read about its course offerings, academic history, and degree programs. So, when the interviewer asks you what makes the school special, you will be ready with a credible answer.

* Visit the school campus.
Visit the campus and hold informal interviews with the school’s current students or professors to get some tips and advice to help you do well in your interview.

* Stage a mock interview.
Practice your verbal skills by staging mock interviews with your family or friends. Ask for their feedback to learn which areas you still need to improve on.

Tips during the interview

* Choose an appropriate outfit.
Dress appropriately during the interview. Make sure that you look professional enough to be entrusted with a slot in graduate school.

* Follow the interview rules.
Apply all the tips and advice you got earlier: make eye contact, display self-confidence, and maintain good composure.

* Give consistent answers.
Make sure that your interview answers are not different from what you have written in your graduate admission essay.

Tips after the interview

* Send a “thank you” letter.
After the interview, send a follow-up thank you letter or email immediately. This is one way of showing how much you appreciate the opportunity given to you and the interviewer’s time.

* Ask for an update.
After a week or so, contact the admissions department of the school you applied for to get updates on the status of your application. Do this as politely as possible.

Aside from the interview, you also need to prepare your graduate school admission essay. Look for websites that have sample graduate school essay. You can use these samples as a guide.