How to Juggle Parenthood, Graduate School and Everything Else


How to Juggle Parenthood, Graduate School and Everything Else

The ability to multitask is envied and admired by many. What is the best way to multitask, however, if you are juggling a career,
graduate school and parenthood?

Focus on what you are doing.

Sometimes, you can get so frazzled that you want to do everything all at once. You would be working on a report for work while your kid is on your lap and your graduate school project is just a tab away on your computer. It is the epitome of hard work but you may not get a lot done by doing this. So, focus on each aspect one at a time. Focus. Don’t think that leaving your kid in front of the television while you juggle work and school could pass for good parenthood. Though present physically, you are somewhere else mentally.

Learn to relax.

When you relax, your children could relax with you. Being calm also helps you think more clearly for both work and graduate school. This will also prevent all sorts of heart-related diseases.

Create a schedule.

If it gets too hard for you to remember everything that you have to do, create a schedule and record it into something readily accessible, such as a notebook. Divide each day into reasonable minutes for each activity and aspect of your life.

Having too much to do can be extremely stressful. Learn how you can still enjoy life without neglecting any aspect of it.