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How to Juggle Graduate School and Part-time Jobs


How to Juggle Graduate School and Part-time Jobs

Academic excellence is still possible even if you have a part-time job to worry about. Time management, after all, is the secret to getting all your tasks done. You have to remember, though, that proper time management is not the only thing you need to find success both in your job and your studies. Here are the other things you have to remember to survive the stress and pressure of juggling graduate school work and part-time jobs:

* Don’t suffer from disorganization

The key to juggling graduate school work and part-time jobs is proper organization. If your priorities and schedule are carefully organized, you will have less difficult time in getting everything done. Organization should start with your stuff: arrange your textbooks and clear up your study area. With part-time jobs and school work to worry about, you should not waste too much of your time looking for textbooks and handouts. Make sure that you also have a calendar where you can write on your schedules and a notebook where you can list down your tasks.

* Don’t give in to procrastination

Sure, cramming everything into your head a few minutes before the test works occasionally, but that should not be a good reason to procrastinate every chance you get. Remember that you are not only a graduate school student, but also a part-time employee. Instead of doing non-substantial things during your free time, try to make yourself more useful by reading textbooks or reviewing notes. It is hard to focus on your job if you have a test to think about; it is also difficult to concentrate on your test if you have a task to worry about. Don’t make things harder for yourself.

* Don’t be too hard on yourself

Excellent time management skills may help you get through everything, but there is still one thing that proper time management cannot handle– work overload. Don’t push yourself too much. Accepting lots of work may give you enough money for your tuition after a couple of days, but may also give you more stress than your body can handle. Health is wealth, remember? Think about yourself from time to time. Get some time off to relax and unwind.