How to Get the Most of Life as a Student Mom


How to Get the Most of Life as a Student Mom

You are a mom. You are the one expected to stay home with your kid while the dad goes to the office. This does not mean that you could no longer pursue your academic and career dreams. Contact graduate school admissions if you want to. Get a job. It is not going to be easy, though. In fact, it almost feels impossible. So, you need all the support that you can get. You also need to make a few sacrifices.

Hire a nanny.

If you don’t have a relative who could watch your kid while you are focused on your work or school projects, hire a nanny if you could afford to. The nanny could ensure that your child is safe and happy during the time that you are still bent on other responsibilities.

Choose a part-time or home-based job.

While it is not impossible to pursue a full-time job while studying and raising a child, it will not balance things out. So, you need to go for a less-demanding job while your child is still young. This means that you have to keep your career on hold while still somewhat earning some money to contribute into the household budget.

Take only grad school units you can handle.

Graduate School can also be overwhelming in itself. Take some units that you know can fit right into your schedule.

Parenthood should not be the end of your quest to move forward and get ahead. However, it is also a role that should never be neglected.