How to Come up with a Reflective Grad School Personal Statement


How to Come up with a Reflective Grad School Personal Statement

Though you must do your best to get into your grad school program of choice, you shouldn’t resort to lying. Any lie or fabrication can be unmasked by the admissions panel. After reading thousands of admission essays for too long, they’ll know if something is off. Instead of trying to be an ideal candidate, be true to yourself. Come up with a reflective personal statement for grad school admission. Here are some tips:

Demonstrating your perspective on experiences and goals in your admission essay

Your admission essay should not be a mere enumeration of your achievements and goals. You should be able to provide concrete details and experiences that show your true character. Your experiences and goals in life would show what and who you want to be. Most grad schools prefer applicants who are goal-oriented, responsible, and very much aware of how they can benefit from the program. By citing personal experiences and goals, you are also exhibiting critical thinking skills.

Giving a compelling picture of yourself through your application essay

To give them a compelling image of yourself, your essay needs to be more than just reflective. It should create some sort of mystery in the minds of the readers. Make your essay interesting so that by the end of the reading, they would want to know you more and perhaps schedule an interview. If you succeed in doing that, then you have higher chances of getting admitted to the school and academic program of your choice.

Be honest in writing your essay and be creative when presenting yourself to the readers. There are a lot of ways to make your essay interesting, and one of them is by going into details of your goals and experiences.