How Grad School Applicants Use Social Media


How Grad School Applicants Use Social Media

Social media networks are now very common. While it may not be official, some profiles may even take on a role equal to that of the graduate school essay. Your social media network life reflects who you are or at least how you want people to see you.

Understand the academic culture.

If you read the college’s social media network profile, you get to know more about its academic culture. You may even get extra information that you don’t usually get from a well-prepared brochure. You may even read about current students’ comments about the school through sites such as Twitter or Facebook.

Establish connections.

You can use social media networks, especially those like LinkedIn, to establish connections with current students or faculty. Through these connections, you show that you are truly interested in the program. After all, there is that effort to know more and get connected to the graduate school in question.

Present self in a positive light.

Of course, you can also use social media networks to present yourself positively. While your desired graduate school’s admissions officers may not scour the net for drunken photos and the like, you should make sure that your profile is clean and reflective of how you want to be received – seriously.

While graduate school admissions officers may not use your profile to decide whether to accept or decline your application, you should make sure that you have an admissions-friendly profile.