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Writing a Graduate Admission Essay


Writing a Graduate Admission Essay

There are many requirements that you have to submit when you apply for graduate studies, and these include your graduate admission essay. Unlike other documents that you need to pass such as test scores and transcripts, your graduate admission essay can be subjectively interpreted. This is why it’s important for you to allot adequate time to write and edit your essay to make sure that it’s concise, interesting, and engaging. Reading a sample graduate school essay can help you come up with a well-written admission essay.

There are many articles written to provide you with tips on how to write your graduate admission essay. Most of these writing tips put emphasis on the necessity of writing a graduate admission essay that is sincere, concise, and has an organized structure. One of the ways to show your sincerity when writing your graduate admission essay is to write about why a certain program is the best one for you. You can cite your experiences and personal background and relate these to your decision to pursue graduate studies.

Typical information you have to include in your graduate admission essay

Your graduate admission essay must contain information about various aspects such as your greatest achievements and long-term career goals. You can pick a certain topic for your graduate admission essay and then expound on that. You can focus on your reasons for going to graduate school and how your life experiences influenced you to make that decision. You can also write about why you chose that particular graduate school or graduate program.

You can pick from the abovementioned topics and write about them. You can, for example, write about your career goals and then explain why you chose the program and what your concrete plans are. Write about how the degree will benefit you and what you intend to bring to the school if they choose you. Your graduate admission essay should be able to convince admission officers that you’re an excellent addition to their student body.

Making your graduate admission essay a personal essay

Keep in mind that you must not expound on your academic achievements without relating these to your reasons for wanting to go into graduate school. If you do this, you’re just translating into words what your transcripts and test scores can already provide. Your graduate admission essay is not meant to be a resume that’s in essay form. Your graduate admission essay must be personal; it must contain your insights, your inspirations and aspirations. You must write about life experiences that led you to pursuing the path you now want to take. Your graduate admission essay must give admission officers a glimpse of your life and how you are as a person because these are the things that your transcript, resume, and test scores won’t be able to show.