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Graduate school essay sample: Masters’ Program in Education


Graduate school essay sample: Masters’ Program in Education

Sudden departures are good fodder for deeper thinking. I learned this the hard way when a neighbor’ s father passed away last year in an accident. Mr. Adams was a man of few words. He worked hard for his family for most of their lives, in a job that although provided well for their future was not what he really wanted in life. His sudden passing brought a halt to his plans to volunteer in rebuilding one of the community’s shelters, as he had an unknown skill at being a good craftsman and was a compassionate being at heart. This has spurned in me the realization that life should not be spent waiting for that chance to be happy. Although my current job has substantially provided for me, I feel a certain dissatisfaction from not being able to do what I really want. I realized that it was time for a change greater than a radically different haircut. I needed to make a career move towards the direction that I have wandered away from.

A path towards the teaching profession was what I envisioned when I was in my undergraduate years, but I postponed going in that direction for the past two years while working in a corporate setting. But looking back, it was in my internship period as a teaching assistant that I felt the happiest and the most content. I decided that it was time I return to my roots and embark on a path to be an educator. I feel that as a teacher I can help mold young minds and provide inspiration to children in my community. I myself have mentors whom I look up to because they have helped me become the person that I am right now. This desire to help someone achieve and the proper training as an educator will help me achieve my goal.

I am now all set to devote my time and attention towards developing my skills and knowledge as a teacher and I have the undergraduate scholastic records that prove that I have been diligent enough as a student. I am comfortable when speaking to a group of people, and having the proper training can help me address a classroom full of youths someday. The classroom is always full of students from differing backgrounds, and I can relate to them being from a family of immigrants from Chile. Though I am fluent in Spanish and English, my parents had a hard time mastering a language that was different from what they were used to. Eventually, with the help of others, they learned quickly and have been able to converse and understand the new country they were in. I want to make the same difference as the people who taught my parents English have, that with the proper knowledge, one can be able to rise up from challenges. I want my future students to be aware that they can be as great as they want to be, in whichever path they choose. Hopefully, they won’t have to wait for things to happen, and that they grab every chance they get to do what they were meant to do, as I have and will be once I get the chance to be a true educator.

Thank you for your consideration.