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Getting Direction from Sample College Application Essays


Getting Direction from Sample College Application Essays

Looking for sample college admission essays? Read on to learn how reading sample essays can help you make your own:

Sample college application essays are useful if you have no idea what to say or write. There are a lot of sample essay that you can browse for free online. You can also find a lot of helpful tips on writing your own essay.

Using sample college application admission essays as guide

The main purpose of sample college application essays is to serve as guides. It is impossible to take a sample college application admission essay and take it as your own. College application admissions essays focus on the personality, the goals, and the motivations of the writer, so this means that your essay must be uniquely about your own motivations, goals and personality. It is common for a lot of applicants to experience some sort of writers block when sitting down to write an essay for college applications. Writing a college application essay is a daunting task, especially for someone who think his or her writing skills is just average. Reading through sample college application essays or reading a writing manual will give you an idea of what an essay should look like, and this should take make writing a little bit easier.

Analyzing sample college application admission essay topics

When reading sample college application essays, it is good to analyze the essay to see what points work, what doesn’t, and how you can apply these to your own essay later on. Reading the essay several times is a must. Afterwards, look at the essay’s structure, how it presents the three main parts of the essay, the thesis statement in the first paragraph, the supporting statements and necessary transitions in the second, and the conclusion in the last section. Also notice how the writer takes the audience into account or how he puts himself in the place of the readers. College application admission essays are meant to be read by a panel of professors and teachers, so they must, at the least, be written with proper spelling, grammar and sentence structure. However, they should not be too heavy that they become too boring to read.

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