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Deciding between public and private graduate schools


Deciding between public and private graduate schools

You now have your bachelor’s degree. You are now in for the time of your life. Now, you have two options: either hunt for a job or seek graduate school studies. Naturally, most will opt for the former, since a bachelor’s degree is already bound to bring you places. But once you have established your career, and would want to further explore and enhance your chances of advancement, then you may feel the desire to pursue a master’s then a doctor’s degree from a reputable graduate school.

Speaking of a reputable graduate school, what does that really mean? Well, you may think up things such as an institution with plush and high tech facilities, a competitive and highly trained staff and teachers, and a curriculum that’s bursting with all those subject names that are sure to make anyone’s nose bleed–you know, idealistic stuff. Now this is what I have to tell you now, you won’t find anything like it. In a world where utopia is just something that pops up in crazy brains, the question right now for those who opt for a graduate school degree is this: which is better, public schools or private schools?

Which Is Better, Public Graduate Schools or Private Graduate Schools?

When a graduate school is public, it means that it is owned and / or controlled by the government or at least a government entity. On the other hand, if a graduate school is pertained to as a private graduate school, then it has to be an institution that is run by private individuals, partnerships, or corporations.

So, what, really, is the difference between public graduate schools and private graduate schools? Check out these, well, for me, facts:

* Graduate education in private schools would definitely cost more than in public schools. That’s because public schools are subsidized by the state governments. Private schools, on the other hand, have to provide for their own budget. So, they get it from their students.
* Private school teachers are usually more focused on their students than do teachers in public schools. Teachers in public schools, on the other hand, usually just give the overview of the lesson and leave to the students all else that needs to be done.
* But that does not mean that public schools are flops. Truth be told, many parents actually testify to the “magic” that public schools can do for their kids–the study lifestyle here sort of urges them to really study and love it.
* Private schools, on the other hand, usually have better facilities when it comes to highly tech-savvy courses such as science and technology, and engineering.

The Final Verdict

Whatever graduate course you take, whether it be in the field of law, sciences or the arts, it still boils down to one thing: you. Your attitude. Your intentions. If they are on the right track, whatever school you go into, it doesn’t matter.