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Creating an Intriguing Intro for Your Grad School Admission Essay


Creating an Intriguing Intro for Your Grad School Admission Essay

As with anything, you have to make great starts if you want to stand out. The same is true when penning your admission essay. You want to make attention-grabbing intros to hook your readers right from the beginning. Here are some pointers in making great intros for your essay.

Appealing to your personal statement readers the right way

You must appeal to the emotional side of your readers, but don’t overdo it, to the point that you’re losing focus on your real purpose and the essay is starting to sound overly dramatic. Also remember that it is possible to intrigue and offend at the same time. As much as possible, veer away from controversial themes. If you must give your opinion on a topic, do it with caution and with utmost respect to your readers. Make sure that you remain unbiased and that you choose your words well. The last thing you want to do is to engage your reader in a heated debate.

Raising questions in your admission essay readers’ minds

The first line should make the reader interested at once, and one of the best ways to do this is to leave a question or create some sort of mystery to make them want to read further. Appeal to the admissions officers by giving them something to think about. This will make them hold on to your essay longer before skimming hundreds of other application essays. Just make sure that the questions you raise will be fully discussed in the body of your essay and they’re relevant to your application.

The admissions panels always welcomes an essay that grabs them right from the start. It wakes them up as effective as a cup of joe, and it would keep them reading for more. If they stop reading, then all your efforts in creating the essay go down the drain.

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