Faulty motives for desiring a graduate degree

Faulty motives for desiring a graduate degree

While there may be valid reasons for pursuing graduate school, the fact that there are wrong ones still remains. Some of these reasons may sound noble and genuine but no one’s to say which is which exactly. The bottom line is that if the motives aren’t that of meeting career goals, the very reasons for entering graduate school may just as well be sham.

Over the years, people who graduate from graduate schools encountered common problems that have eventually become too chronic.

Job dissatisfaction

Graduates of MBAs, MAs, and other graduate programs are supposed to have better leverage when it comes to dealing with work. There are still people who failed to fully assess their circumstances or situation and suddenly just decided to pursue a graduate degree on a whim without reviewing their study options. These people ended up having jobs that they don’t exactly feel comfortable with.

Peer pressure

Committing to the idea of going to graduate school just because somebody else raised the thought could win you a ticket to wasting precious time as well as money. Your friends are there to share triumphs with, not as deciding elements on what you should take or do.

Being unemployed for a long period

In the long term, it may better for you to find employment that you are interested in rather than be accepted into graduate school. Success is not measured by the number of degrees that you earn but on other aspects – the people that you help, the happiness your job gives you, and the quality of your life in general.

Being forced by parents and other authorities

Yes, your parents have good intentions for you, but ultimately, it is you who will decide on what’s in store for your future – whether you to graduate school or not.

Financial rewards

It holds true that gaining an MA or an MBA would allow you to earn more digits as compared to having just a basic degree. A lot of people end up failing graduate school simply because greed is their drive. Live the moment, don’t count your blessings when they’re not yet there.

Entering graduate school is something that should be given great thought. Rushing would only merit a person failure beyond compare.

Top Pointers when Thinking of Grad School Admission Essay Topics

Top Pointers when Thinking of Grad School Admission Essay Topics

If you are not comfortable with it, then you need not venture into the less-known topics for your admission essay. When you hear others say that sticking to what is mainstream is boring, don’t be discouraged. It is how you write the details and how you present your essay that hold more significance to the admissions board.

Focusing on your top qualities when writing your grad school personal statement

When writing your grad school personal statement, discuss qualities tha make you fit for a specific academic program. Knowing that grad school programs are tough, admissions officers would want to know if your up for the challenge. Know your own strengths and positive attributes. If you are highly organized, for instance, the research involved in the graduate course would be easier for you to manage. The skills you’ve developed and experiences you’ve had after years of working would show what makes you a perfect match for the program and that you can succeed despite the difficulties.

Making the right first impression on your personal statement conclusion

Readers need more than just a summary on your personal statement conclusion. This is you last chance to convince the admissions panel of your qualifications. Provide some insights into your personal statement conclusion to make it more refreshing and interesting. Your conclusion should state your purpose and what makes you a good fit for the program. It should be something worth remembering if you want readers to pick your application over the other candidates.

You do not need to worry that your top qualities are not unique. There are thousands of other applicants, and it is only natural that there would be others who share some of your characteristics. When you narrate experiences on your essay, it is when you start being unique. Make sure that you capture your readers’ interest from beginning till end.

Tips on How to Pay Your Student Loans after Graduation

Tips on How to Pay Your Student Loans after Graduation

If there is one thing you can anticipate from graduate school, then that would be the high cost of tuition. To get the much-needed funds to support their education, many students resort to applying for student loans. Applying for a student loan, however, is a lot easier than paying for it. Here are some tips on how to pay off your student loans after graduation:

Apply for deferred payment

Paying off your student loans is never easy, especially if you recently received your diploma. Things get worse though, if you remain unemployed and broke for a couple of months. One way of dealing with this financial problem is to ask for deferred payment. Applying for deferred payment doesn’t mean that you are completely turning away from your financial obligations to your lender. It just means that you need more time to save up.

Stretch your payment term

Aside from a deferred payment option, you may also ask for a loan term extension. The downside to this option is that the lender will probably charge you with higher interest rates, but then, it certainly is better than not having enough time.

Go for lower loan rates

When choosing a student loan, make sure that you select one with low loan rates. There is a higher risk for mountainous debt if you choose a student loan with high interest rates. If the damage has already been done, however, you can still talk your way into getting a lower interest rate. Arrange a meeting with your lender and explain your financial situation.

Consolidate your loans

If you have multiple student loans to repay, then you should consider consolidating them. Debt consolidation means combining all your existing loans into a single debt. You may even choose to hire the services of debt repayment or debt consolidation companies to do all the work for you.

Serve your community

Do you want to pay off your student loans without shelling out too much money? If you do, then you should volunteer for community service. Extending your services for the betterment of your community is not only good for your soul, it is also good for your wallet. Participating in community projects and joining in community organizations will help lessen your paying burden because your organization will help you pay off your debt.

The Benefits of Social Media for Grad School Applicants

The Benefits of Social Media for Grad School Applicants

A social media network is beneficial to graduate school applicants. Why? Here is a look at some of its benefits.

It offers a more truthful view of the college.

A social media network provides a more accessible view of the college. In a way, this view is more truthful because it is not encased in an organized promotion.

It establishes early connections.

Online networks also help you create connections with someone from within the graduate school even in the comfort of your own home. You are able to show your interest and the effort that you have given in the task. This interest could ultimately decide whether you get into the program or not. Imagine it like this: You and another graduate school applicant may have basically the same qualifications but you display more connections and will take the slot instead of that other person.

It provides you with other students’ feedback.

Direct feedback from students is often more helpful than a glossy brochure. You get to know what actual people – not involved in student recruitment –have to say about the school. It is refreshing to know both the good and bad sides of that particular graduate school program.

Use your social media network membership the right way and you may well have an advantage in your applications.

The Best Approach and Style for Your Graduate School Personal Statement

The Best Approach and Style for Your Graduate School Personal Statement

Choosing the perfect approach and just the right style for your graduate school personal statement can have great impact on your application. That is why it is important to carefully plan your essay to achieve a clear, clean, concise, and precise style of writing. As they say, it is never sufficient to just write. You must know the techniques to make successful essays.

Impact of your writing style on your chances of getting admitted

If you write a coherent personal statement, one that is clean and clear from any grammatical or spelling error, then you have better chances of getting admitted. A well-written admission essay should highlight not only your skills and expertise, but also your personal attributes such as your determination, sense of motivation, persistence, and many others. You can also discuss personal experiences and points of view, so that your readers will get to know you better.

Choosing the best approach and style for your graduate school essay

To come up with a creative admission essay that will stand out, choosing the most appropriate writing style is a must. After this, you can tailor-fit your ideas and the essay theme to the requirements of a good writing style. Avoid lengthy sentences that will only leave readers confused with what you’re trying to say. Instead, focus on clarity, coherence, and unity of thought.

Tips in improving your essay’s style

There are helpful hints that you could use to remedy your writing problems and improve your writing style. A big no-no is imitating another writer’s style. The admissions committee can easily sense if applicants are pretending to be someone they’re not. This defeats the real purpose of writing a personal statement. The main objective of this requirement is for you to be able to represent the real you and not the ideal candidate you can think of. Create several drafts and never get tired of revising and proofreading your essays. Have someone read your essay for a more objective review.

Sample Master of Public Administration essay

Sample Master of Public Administration essay

This essay excerpt and outline was prepared in accordance with our free essay assistance program. Fill out the form on the right and get your own free essay excerpt and outline.

Whenever I feel like the world is hanging on my shoulders, I sing this line from a favorite song of mine–”I just can’t give up now; I’ve come too far from where I started from.” If minutes ago, the world is a chaos, being reminded of where I’ve come from and all the struggles I’ve gone through, I see things in a different light after playing this song in my mind. With years of experience being a policy analyst, program evaluator, coordinator, and leader for different government organizations, I am ready to take the next step and further my knowledge skills with a doctoral degree. I believe in good governance, strong leadership, and efficient service to the community, and I am confident I can accomplish these goals with help from the DM program by advancing my knowledge and skills and turning me into a more competent and effective leader.

Sample Outline

I. Introduction

A. “I just can’t give up now; I’ve come too far from where I started from”

i. how this line from my favorite song reminds me of how far I’ve come since I started and that I need to hang on

B. Experience as a policy analyst, program evaluator, coordinator, and assuming other positions in the government

C. Applying for a doctoral degree

i. taking the next step

ii. believing in good governance, leadership, community service

iii. enhancing my knowledge and skills through the DM program

II. Educational background

A. Master of Public Administration at _______

B. Bachelor of Science in Criminal Justice at _____

III. Professional profile

A. Different career positions and their brief job descriptions

B. Developed skills and experience

i. strong leadership abilities

ii. program evaluation and policy analysis

iii. advocacy and outreach

iv. technical skills (legislative research tools, computer programs, etc.)

C. Providing legislative and constituent services

i. implementing policies

ii. making recommendations

iii. assuring compliance

D. Being a chief administrator, supervisor, and compliance officer

E. Accomplishments

i. Awards and reviews

IV. Goals for earning a doctoral degree

A. the changes I want to make

B. possible contributions

C. support systems for completing the program

V. Conclusion

Support Your Graduate School Application with a College Internship

Support Your Graduate School Application with a College Internship

A college internship is more than a school requirement; it is also one of the most effective tools in supporting your graduate school application. Completing an internship in college says a lot of good things about you. Here are the benefits of completing a college internship:

For an impressive graduate school essay

When applying for graduate school, your objective is to convince the evaluators that you are genuinely interested in pursuing the particular field you applied for. One good way of supporting your claim is to include a college internship entry in your graduate school essay. Having a college internship experience will give the evaluators the impression that you are determined to do everything just to succeed in whatever you aspire to be. It just proves that you have what it takes to turn your dreams into reality.

For an admirable personal reputation

Juggling time between school work and college internship is not an easy task. When done properly, however, it will provide you sweet rewards. First of all, mentioning your college internship in your application form or graduate admission essay will give the evaluators an impression that you are the type of person who knows how to set priorities. It shows a great deal of determination and a great level of responsibility to endure the stress and pressure that comes from both school work and college internship. You’ll definitely get thumbs up for that.

For an impressive curriculum vitae

A college internship will make your resume even more valuable. Successfully managing your time between school work and college internship is one good sign that you have what it takes to survive in the real world. You are both responsible and dependable – these traits are what most human resource officers are looking for in an employee.

For a relevant working experience

Aside from being a great resume entry, college internship is also a good preparation for life after graduation. Jobs and careers are inevitable and getting a college internship is one good way of getting used to applying what you learned in school. A college internship will teach you how it’s like to work in the real world – something that you will never learn inside a classroom.

Although a college internship may appear like another activity to squeeze into your already tight schedule, you will surely enjoy its benefits afterwards. Pursuing a college internship will not only improve your professionalism, but will also increase your chances of getting accepted in the graduate school of your choice.

The Graduate Thesis Writing Process

The Graduate Thesis Writing Process

The graduate thesis is probably the most important part prerequisite for getting that graduate diploma. That said, thesis preparation must be done with care and with proper application of gained knowledge either school taught or from research works. After all, writing a graduate thesis proves just the amount of learning a student had for the whole duration of his study. For the sake of coming up with a good graduate thesis, a general flow would be:

Get your thesis adviser to approve your topic

Upon brainstorming, one can list possible topics for the graduate thesis. These topics are then to be submitted to a thesis adviser for approval. The thesis adviser’s role is very important since it is he who does all the filtering of feasible and unfeasible topics.

Research on background information

Upon approval of the topic, research follows. Research may be done through extensive readings: through library visits, reading of scholarly journals, and browsing through reliable Internet information. Research data can either be quantitative or qualitative; Research for qualitative data may be done using surveys or interviews: testing presumptions through samples or respondents.

Come up with an outline

It is essential to create an outline so that you can create a map of ideas. A graduate thesis can be very lengthy so it is important to have a coherent guide to follow while going through the writing process.

Prepare a draft

Coming up with drafts of the graduate thesis is important in order to fully observe the effective combination and sense of the pooled information gathered. Beginning work early allows one to do several drafts before starting with the final version. This way, errors can be avoided upon coming up with each draft. Also, these drafts can be read for constructive criticism, all for the betterment of the graduate thesis.

Check for errors in language and presentation

Even when already dealing with the final draft, checking errors in the content of the thesis paper is still a must. Regardless of the extent of employing techniques in doing research, chaotic writing delivers the wrong image; sometimes a well-researched thesis can come out as something that was poorly done due to bad writing.

Bear in mind the specifications

Finally, the graduate thesis should be printed on clean sheets of paper. Following instructions given by the thesis adviser is something that should be given great attention to.

Sample master’s degree in counseling application essay

Sample master’s degree in counseling application essay

One’s existence can be superficial if you are leading a life with no concrete goal for yourself or for others. Sadly, I meet individuals who say they don’t know the cause of their miseries despite having achieved so much material things but have neglected opportunities to enrich the other parts of themselves by helping others. I hardly have the right to boast, but I feel that I am on a different boat as I have beliefs that have helped me achieve my goals in enriching myself while helping out others. Looking back, I can say that I have weathered different situations in my life with the kind of resilience and patience that helped me make the most out of each.

My father taught me that a victory is not worth celebrating if you don’t have others to share it with you. A great man who instilled in me the value of compassion for others, my father was my greatest believer and my true champion. I grew up with this belief that eventually guided me along a path towards a career and vocation in psychology. Currently, I am assisting a child psychologist who counsels children who are distraught in different ways. Having spent my college internship counseling at a juvenile delinquents home, I was even more compelled to reach out to youths who are going through rough patches in their young lives. I believe that with my experience in both jobs along with my innate desire to help others will set me on the right path towards a career in child and family psychology. But I can not just rely on compassion as I believe I still have to gain more academic knowledge to be able to practice.

I can say that I am more than willing to maintain and even improve my scholastic performance from my undergraduate years when I embark on a master’s degree in counseling. Now that I have a more specific direction, I am more than ready to exhaust all of my efforts to become the best youth counselor. Though the field I have chosen can be taxing on the emotions and the body, I believe that I am up to the responsibility of listening to others after all the different cases I have handled in my previous jobs. With the proper knowledge, training, and my innate sense of compassion, I believe that I can help make a difference in the young lives of my prospective patients.

I plan to enhance what knowledge I have while in graduate school, so that I may be able to work as a true professional in the field of psychology. Learning more about the methods and skills as well as the technicalities in this profession will greatly help me improve my awareness and ability. Since I also plan to achieve a Doctorate in Psychology, ______Institute will be assured of my continued drive for academic excellence as that is the goal that I have in mind, not only for myself, but for others as well.

Time Management in Graduate School

Time Management in Graduate School

Surviving college is not an easy task so if you are planning to farther your studies in graduate school, you have to be prepared for everything. The challenges in graduate school are several notches more difficult than college – tougher professors and harder subjects. The key to surviving graduate school, like in college, is excellent time management skills. Here are some tips on how to properly manage your time in graduate school:

Learn how to stay organized

Your schedule in graduate school gives you all the free time that you only dream about in college. Having a loose schedule, however, is not enough reason to make up for the time you could have partied instead. In graduate school, you have to stay organized at all times. Organize your stuff and your schedule. Make sure all your textbooks are placed properly and that all your lessons are studied well. Before rewarding yourself with a grand vacation, make sure that all necessary school work is finished.

Learn how to set priorities

Remember how your parents asked you to “set your priorities straight?” Well, you can use that advice in graduate school. Setting your priorities is very important in graduate school, especially if you have a part-time job to worry about. One way of getting all your work done is to come up with a to-do list. Make sure that each item included in the list is arranged in decreasing priority. When setting your priorities, you have to remember two things: your GPA and your job. Make sure to spend enough time on things that really matter, so, cut down on partying.

Learn how to find balance

Finding the balance between mediocrity and perfection is important in graduate school. Being meticulous may be an advantage, but it can also be disadvantageous if it is too idealistic. You have to remember that you just don’t need to get things done right, you need to get them done now. Allowing yourself to be overpowered by perfectionism is bad for your schedule. Because you want to get every detail right, you have a tendency to spend too much time on one task. If you think this particular tasks requires a lot of planning and attention, then you better start doing it now. Perfectionism, after all, is never achieved when you cram.

Learn how to remain flexible

Your schedule in graduate school, regardless of your field of specialization, is loose and open. One disadvantage to this is the frequent last minute squeezing of activities into your schedule. You need to be flexible enough to adapt to such changes. To lessen the hassle of surprise meetings and activities, do your school work as soon as it is assigned by your professors.