Are you Applying to the Right Grad School? (Part One)

Are you Applying to the Right Grad School? (Part One)

Are you still trying to figure out which graduate schools to go to? Are you torn among several choices? Well, you can narrow down your
options by looking to see how the admissions staff members behave. How they behave will provide you with clues as to how good your target graduate school may be.

The admissions staff cares.

Are the members of the staff warm and welcoming? Were they interested and thankful? Stay away if they are less than accommodating, making you feel as if you are nothing more than a bother who makes their job a lot more difficult.

The admissions staff is well-informed and trained.

Were the staff members able to answer most if not all of your queries? If there were responses, were they accurate? Are there contradictory statements imparted to you? A professional and well-trained staff must be able to answer your questions and be able to efficiently act as your guide to the admissions process.

The admissions staff is proud of being associated with the school.

Do you get that feeling that the staff member feels a certain amount of pride for the school he or she works for? For someone to be that loyal to a school, that graduate school must be doing something right.

The behavior of its admissions staff can alert you as to how efficient things are being managed in the graduate schoolof your choice.

The role of the statement of purpose in graduate school admissions

The role of the statement of purpose in graduate school admissions

There’s no escape to writing down your admission essays if you intend to apply for graduate studies. Again, referring to a sample graduate school essay would work for your advantage. It cannot be denied that admission process for graduate schools is competitive; you have to stand out through a well-written admission essay.

The statement of purpose is obviously an important portion of the sample graduate school essay. A good sample graduate school essay has a convincing statement of purpose. The statement of purpose is the part in the sample graduate school essay that persuades the faculty and/or admission committee. A sample graduate school essay can be a general essay but portions such as the statement of purpose are directed specifically to the school and faculty and/or committee that will review your essay. You will learn from the sample graduate school essay that it is important to know who your audience will be. The statement of purpose is actually the portion of the sample graduate school essay wherein you’ll have to put much consideration on your purpose and audience.

A sample graduate school essay would suggest that, in writing your statement of purpose, you should be able to answer the faculty’s questions such as:

• Why do want to pursue graduate study?
• What made you choose the graduate program?
• Who are you and what can we expect from you?

These are just the general questions and you might still need to expound on your answers. Of course, you should consider and observe the guidelines such as word count that varies depending on the program or school when writing your statement of purpose. From a sample graduate school essay, you’ll see why writing an effective statement of purpose is important:

• The statement of purpose is the part in the sample graduate school essay that allows you to speak directly to the committee.
• The statement of purpose is the part in the sample graduate school essay that lets you introduce yourself and talk about your experiences and career goals.
• The statement of your purpose is your chance to convince the committee that you qualify for admission in the graduate program you chose and that you have what it takes to belong in their graduate school.

Don’t get carried away though, when writing your statement of purpose. Do not write an autobiography or an emphatic story of your life. Be professional with your tone and avoid using vague words without further explanations.

A Few Top Graduate Schools to Consider, Part Two

A Few Top Graduate Schools to Consider, Part Two

If you are a Ohio native then you will be thrilled that some of the best graduate schools and programs are just within your reach. Here are some of your options:

Get mentored in the University of Cincinnati.

The University of Cincinnati is known to house some of the world’s best mentors in terms of research. If you want someone skilful and understanding to guide you through your thesis, this university is a recommended option.

Choose a former hidden gem in Wright.

Do you like working with something deceptively humble and unknown? Well, you might want to be part of Wright State University’s graduate schools. The university has been an undiscovered gem for awhile but has been lately recognized for its excellence. It will be a great choice, especially if you like happy endings that start from small.

Immerse in the arts in Oberlin.

If you are a performance artist, Oberlin’s College of Arts and Sciences is highly recommended. It offers an Artist diploma in the graduate level and a certificate degree in music. Pursue the arts in Oberlin.

Great graduate programs and schools may be found not that far from where you live. Read on”>school rankings from time to time.

A Few Top Graduate Schools to Consider, Part One

A Few Top Graduate Schools to Consider, Part One

If you are taking graduate school seriously, you might want to know which college and universities are making the grade when it comes to graduate programs. Here are some.

Choose Miami U if you support community service.

If you like the warm south and want to help out in your community, you might want to go to Miami University. The university was even rewarded the Presidential Honor for its community service. More than a thousand of its students have volunteered to tutor 600 children.

Save time with Cleveland State.

Cleveland State University has a helpful and efficient program that makes it possible for a student to register into several semesters at a time. Imagine not having to go through registration every semester. That will certainly save you time, which is truly helpful especially if you are working as well.

Get challenged in Otterbein.

A good challenge should not end in college. Otterbein University offers some of the more challenging graduate programs in the country. If you want to continue learning within an exciting environment then you should enroll into this university.

Going to a good graduate school will help in keeping you motivated in your pursuit of a higher education.

Admission Essay Writing Tips for Home-Schooled Applicants

Admission Essay Writing Tips for Home-Schooled Applicants

Looking for essay writing tips? Read on to learn more about application essays and how to effective write your own.

Writing an application essay is one of your main tasks when applying for college. If you are a home schooled applicant you may not have the same resources as others when it comes to writing your college admissions essay. However, this is no reason for failing to write an essay that can make the best impression about you.

Being home-schooled as a topic for your admission essay

You can even use your home schooling as a good topic for your admissions essay. Most essay writing tips focus on writing from your personal experiences and about the experience that has shaped your life. What could be more significant than your history of home schooling? The novelty of home schooling alone makes it an interesting topic. Compared to the rest of the schooling population, only a handful is homeschooled. However, this does not mean that they are placed at a disadvantage compared to their peers who received traditional education. In fact, studies have shown that home schooled students do better academically than others since they have controlled socialization and greater family support.

What home-schooled applicants should discuss in their application essays

You can do well by emphasizing the benefits that you received from being home schooled. Aside from having focused instruction from the teaching parent or a real teacher, home schooling allows the student to choose a diverse number of activities that would otherwise not be normal choices in traditional school settings. They also learn to become more independent and learn how to actively seek knowledge, rather than accept information passively. Another interesting point of discussion is the reason why you were home schooled in the first place. Reasons for home may be religious or philosophical, or they could be purely practical. For example, children of parents who travel around a lot for a living often decide to home school their children since there is no time to enroll them in a public school in a place where they only expect to spend a few weeks or months. You can also touch briefly on the debate regarding home schooling and public education and give an opinion on where you stand on the matter.

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