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Barriers to Writing an Excellent Graduate School Essay


Barriers to Writing an Excellent Graduate School Essay

Are you staring at a blank page for almost an hour now? Having trouble in writing your grad school admission essay is not uncommon. In fact, even professional essay writers encounter a moment of total inability to write something sensible. Some call it the writer’s block. The pressure placed on submitting a high quality application essay can also set you back a few days before you can write anything for your personal statement, while for some people, keeping their emotions at bay can be their biggest problem.

Let’s discuss these barriers to writing effective grad school essays, so you’ll know what to do when faced with any of these situations.

Writer’s block

The dreaded writer’s block happens when you spend hours trying to write an essay but just can’t find the inspiration or motivation to do so. No matter how hard you try, it seems like your efforts are put to waste. You can’t seem to find the right words or can’t express a sensible thought.

Instead of moping around, it’s best to identify what’s causing the writer’s block. It could be pressure to put out your best, depression, fatigue, or even certain conditions that make writing impossible for you such as insufficient lighting or cramped room space. All these can affect your mood.

Once you know what’s setting you back, you can then focus on the solution. Try to find a place with conditions that are ideal for writing. Some people prefer working in a quiet place; others work better with music as background. Find out what works best for you. Also make sure that you’re not too stressed out. Stress can affect the way you write and only add to the pressure. If you must, schedule a day that’s entirely dedicated to writing your essay. Have enough enough rest, eat well, and forget about the strenuous task before that day.

Do you know that drinking water can also improve concentration? According to some writers, walking can also help alleviate the pressure you’re feeling. A change in position every once in a while can also set the mood for writing or let thoughts run free. Other writers also advise that you should keep writing even without the best ideas, so don’t get trapped with a blank page. Eventually, you’ll be surprised to see that you’re making sense even with your random thoughts.

Lack of self confidence

Since it’s an essay for grad school, you think you should do better than your college application essay. While it might be true for some, there’s not much difference except, of course, for the requirements. Now that you have more experience, your essay should talk about your chosen field, your contributions, and your general interest in pursuing higher studies. Other than these, the rules in essay writing basically remain the same.

Lack of self confidence starts when you compare yourself to other people. Most of the time, this can only bruise your ego. Might as well focus on your accomplishments, what you can do better than others, and your sincere interest in entering grad school. Remember, nobody gets it right the first time. Even novelists had to go through several revisions and were once rejected by publishers.

Getting too emotional

You cannot let emotions control you. Entering grad school is a big decision, and so, you must show some level of emotional maturity if you want to make it through and earn your degree. Don’t let frustration get in the way. Instead, find your motivation. Going through several revisions is no reason for you to stop improving your essay. If you can find the inspiration, don’t be too hard on yourself. Take some time off, but never leave things hanging midway through. Try reading a sample graduate school essay. You may draw inspiration from this, and learn a few techniques in writing.