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Avoiding Common Topics and Themes in Graduate School Essays


Avoiding Common Topics and Themes in Graduate School Essays

A graduate school essay is one of the requirements in applying for graduate school. However, composing a graduate school essay can be tough, as it seems there are no more original approaches or material left in the world. There are however, tried, tested and rejected topics for a graduate school essay, which have been in use probably since they required submission of graduate school essays. These are themes and topics that although have proven to be of benefit to applicants in previous decades, should no longer be used in making your graduate school essay today.

A student always makes the mistake of writing a graduate school essay that looks just like an extension of his resume or list of achievements. Although mentioning achievements in your graduate school essay can give you a boost, make sure not to sound like you had no other life outside of school or work. Admissions don’t care if you mention your high GRE scores as it would only make your graduate school essay look more like a list of numbers instead of a portal to your personality. An extracurricular or volunteer job that may be related to your field of study can be used as a good topic for your graduate school essay.

Extremely sensitive or volatile political and social issues are topics that should be avoided when writing a graduate school essay. Airing out your views and opinions are ways in which to express your own character. However, when tackling sensitive issues such as those regarding politics, you may be treading on unsafe ground where people reading your graduate school essay may or may not agree with what you have written.

Sentences beginning with cliché phrases such as “I have always wanted to be a” or “ Attending so and so school has always been my lifelong dream” are surefire ways to score negative points with the admissions panel reviewing your graduate school essay. Although dreams are what drive most applicants to pursue higher learning, when writing a graduate school essay, make sure to look for other ways in which to use them.

Making your graduate school essay sound like a thesis or dissertation would not make it easy for you to get into your graduate school of choice. Even if you are applying for a master’s degree in the sciences or other quantitative fields of study, letting out a stream of technical jargon for an entrance graduate school essay would is not advised. Though a graduate school essay about research or study may be required, it would not automatically launching into a mini-study of nanotechnolgy. Exhibit your prowess in your field while keeping it at a personal level in your graduate school essay.