Home School Are You Applying to the Right Grad School? (Part Two)

Are You Applying to the Right Grad School? (Part Two)


Are You Applying to the Right Grad School? (Part Two)

If you want to be treated well as a graduate school student, you must be treated well as an applicant. So, the
admissions process can provide you with clues as to whether you should go for the particular graduate school in question or not.

It is easy to communicate with an admissions staff member.

A good graduate school will make sure that you will get prompt replies to your emails and a return call if you left a voice mail. The email is personal instead of an auto response, which does not help anyway. The email response or return call also addresses your queries well.

Admissions information in the website is easy to understand.

The graduate school’s website should be able to provide you with user-friendly navigation that enables you to easily browse courses, faculty members, academics and the various aspects of life in graduate school. The site also has updated contact information, as well as the admissions requirements and their deadlines.

The admissions process is easy and logical

The admissions process is stressful and tension-filled enough. You don’t need a very complex procedure. You need a graduate school with an online
application procedure that is easy to understand and follow. The rest of the admissions process should be the same.

Attend the graduate school that treats you well as an applicant. You are likely to receive the same treatment as a student.