Home School Are you Applying to the Right Grad School? (Part One)

Are you Applying to the Right Grad School? (Part One)


Are you Applying to the Right Grad School? (Part One)

Are you still trying to figure out which graduate schools to go to? Are you torn among several choices? Well, you can narrow down your
options by looking to see how the admissions staff members behave. How they behave will provide you with clues as to how good your target graduate school may be.

The admissions staff cares.

Are the members of the staff warm and welcoming? Were they interested and thankful? Stay away if they are less than accommodating, making you feel as if you are nothing more than a bother who makes their job a lot more difficult.

The admissions staff is well-informed and trained.

Were the staff members able to answer most if not all of your queries? If there were responses, were they accurate? Are there contradictory statements imparted to you? A professional and well-trained staff must be able to answer your questions and be able to efficiently act as your guide to the admissions process.

The admissions staff is proud of being associated with the school.

Do you get that feeling that the staff member feels a certain amount of pride for the school he or she works for? For someone to be that loyal to a school, that graduate school must be doing something right.

The behavior of its admissions staff can alert you as to how efficient things are being managed in the graduate schoolof your choice.