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WELCOME To Sample Graduate School Essay!

Students often refer to sample graduate school essays as an excellent guide to making their own winning admissions essay. If you have been asked to write a sample graduate school essay, you will want to make sure that it is well written, interesting and compelling. A graduate school essay should effectively put the applicant’s best foot forward, which means that there is absolutely no room for errors. This article will discuss about the most common errors when writing a sample graduate school essay.

1. Grammatical Errors—a graduate school essay should primarily be grammatically correct. Good grammar is very important since a sample graduate school essay will guide students to making their own personal essays. Many sample essays have blatant grammatical errors that make them difficult and lousy to read. A good essay sample should highlight your skills, abilities and other positive qualities in a clear and concise manner. Once people notice that the sample essay has poor grammar, they will start looking elsewhere. A sample that contains coherence problems and several grammar loopholes simply will not be able to serve its purpose well.

2. Emphasizing the Negatives—although using the negative aspects of a person’s life allows you to create an interesting and inspirational essay, you should not focus entirely on the negative aspects. You should be able to come up with a positive outcome out of negative experiences. Make sure that you are able to emphasize a positive attitude that you have developed despite the challenges that came your way. Avoid wallowing in negativity because it gives an unfavorable vibe to the person reading it. Also, although you can mention one or two of the most difficult trials that taught you the best lessons, do not enumerate all the trials you’ve been through.

3. Plagiarism—plagiarizing other people’s original works and claiming it as your own is a sign of irresponsibility and incompetence. People reading your sample may not want to use it to avoid jeopardizing their own essays. Although it is harmless to use other sample graduate school essays as a guide to making your own, plagiarizing is simply not acceptable for many people. Come up with an original sample that contains fresh content to be able to get readers’ attention. Focus on originality to make your sample essay stand out. Proofread your work and use an online plagiarism checker to check whether you have accidentally plagiarized some existing online content.